Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Beginnings

Hi Everyone! After over a two year absence from this blog [ I can't believe it's been that long ], I've decided to start this up again, seeing as how blog posts take a little less time and hassle than making a video on my YouTube Channel. I wanted to get back to a place where it would be easier for me to share beauty, fashion, and lifestyle things where I didn't have to worry about lighting, camera batteries not charged, etc.

With working full time and taking care of my almost 5 year old twins, I don't get that much "me" time. This blog will hopefully be a reflection of whatever is on my mind at the current moment and will give me the opportunity for me to reach out to you guys more often. For those of you who watch my videos on my YouTube Channel, I thank you! I've have a hard time staying on schedule but it's getting better!

The quote above is one of my favorite quotes, by the ever so lovely, Marilyn Monroe. To me, "being your own kind of beautiful," means believing in yourself, having confidence in yourself, not only by what's on the outside, but also what you feel on the inside. Hopefully you feel something by reading like I did. :)

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