Monday, June 16, 2014

Haul: Recent MAC Collections

MAC has been coming out with some pretty sweet collections lately! I've been very good and haven't bought anything from limited edition collections ever since the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection (which I must say, is still one of my favorite collections to date). The two most recent collections I have purchased from is the Alluring Aquatics Collection and the Sharon/Kelly Osbourne Collection. These two collections were both unique in their own way! 

I only purchased one thing from the Alluring Aquatics Collection which was the Extra Dimension Blush in "Sea Me, Hear Me." I knew I wanted to get at least one thing from this collection because the packaging is beautiful and unlike anything I've ever seen before! I would be give an A+ for design. As far as the blush goes, this is my first time trying an extra dimension blush. My first impression is that they are silky smooth and have excellent pigmentation! Temptalia describes this blush as a "muted, warm toned coral with a satiny sheen," ( Temptalia ). Overall, I'm super impressed

The Kelly Osbourne / Sharon Osbourne collection was one that I have been awaiting for quite some time, every since Kelly posted about it on her Instagram. I adore her style and the fact that she can rock lilac hair! The blush that I picked up from this collection is called "Cheeky Bugger" [super cute name!] Temptalia describes this as a peach brown with a Satin Finish," (Temptalia). I wish this was a little more pigmented but it's still a beautiful light pink (in my opinion) and is a color I don't have in my collection. I also really love the lilac color of the packaging! 

    From the Sharon Osbourne Collection, I decided to get the Mineralized Skin Finish in Refresh. Temptalia describes this as, "a light summer peach/tan golden pink," (Temptalia). If there's one thing I absolutely LOVE from MAC besides blushes, it's their MSF's. I'm starting to get quite the collection of them but I can't help it, they are just so beautiful and versatile! The only thing I wish they changed about this MSF is that I wish it was equal parts of what I consider the bronzer and highlighter. Like before, I love the packaging for these, especially with the autograph!

   To see swatches of these, I would definitely check out Temptalia! I tried taking pictures of swatches and didn't work out this time around. Did you guys pick up anything from either of these collections?

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