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MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection - Haul, Swatches, & Review

   Today, I am extremely excited to show you all the things that I picked up from MAC's most recent collection that is in honor of Marilyn Monroe. If you've been watching my videos for awhile or know anything about me, then you would know that I love anything and everything Marilyn. While her life story is both courageous and sad, I find her a remarkably beautiful woman and interesting person all around. What captivates most people about Marilyn is her beauty. I think MAC did an overall great job with this collection.  

     This collection was a huge hit, both online and in stores. Things were sold out in seconds and you were extremely lucky if you were able to get your hands on everything on your wishlist. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my hands on the beauty powder in "Forever Marilyn", the blush in "Legendary," and the dazzleglass's. With that said, I'm still extremely happy and thankful for the products I was able to get my hands on.
   While there were mixed views on the packaging for all of the Marilyn products, I personally loved it. All the pictures were from a 1956 photo shoot with Milton Greene, who was known for taking many pictures of Marilyn. I think the simplicity of the black and white photos show a different side of Marilyn. I think the mix of black, white, and red was a good idea.

  I also loved how MAC incorporated a red kiss mark inside each box. It's the little things that get me! 
   The first  item that I got from this collection was the blush in "The Perfect Cheek" which was a re-promoted color. This is my first blush from MAC and I am super impressed! I love that I don't have a color like this in my collection, with the majority of my blushes being from the drugstore.

   "The Perfect Cheek" is a matte blush and I would describe it as a rosy pink beige blush with neutral undertones, making it super wearable and build-able. Below is a light swatch of it. Overall, I'm extremely happy I was able to get this blush and I know it will get a lot of use since it is a super wearable color.

    The next thing I got from this collection was an eye shadow, which is the product that has the most controversy around it. I agree that the eye shadows in this collection did not reflect Marilyn in anyway, seeing as how her beauty looks revolved around matte colors. I would have loved to have seen some nice neutral, matte shadows in this collection like many others. 

    I decided to pick up the eye shadow in Preferred Blonde, which is a Veluxe Pearl. I find that this type of eye shadow is not one of MAC's best types of eye shadow to work with. This eye shadow, like the others are hard to work with and can sometimes be seen as chalky. Personally, I don't have any problem with this eye shadow and find that it looks beautiful on the eye. I would describe Preferred Blonde as pale champagne beige. I also love the name of this eye shadow, with it coinciding with Marilyn's movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," which is one of my favorite movies with Marilyn, next to "How to Marry a Millionaire."

   While this color is not the most "unique" color out there in the market, I feel that you can never have too many champagne beige shadows in your life! I'm happy to add this to the collection.

   The most exciting and stand out products from this collection were the lipsticks. I absolutely love all the lipsticks and am so happy that I was able to get my hands on all of them. If you watched my video on YouTube, then you know the story of how hard it was to get these lipsticks. I'm happy they finally have a home on my vanity.
   The packaging of the lipsticks is one of my favorites. Again, the theme of black, white, and red goes really well with the lipstick tubes.
    There were five lipsticks that came out with this collection, with 3 of them being matte, 1 creme-sheen, and 1 satin. Two of them were re-promoted colors with the other three being new to MAC and this collection. Four of the colors are different shades of red, with the last one being a nude shade.

 The first lipstick I got was the only one that my counter had left when I arrived at MAC the day the collection came out. Pure Zen is a creme-sheen, which feels really moisturizing on the lips. While I don't wear nude colors often, I find this to be a warm beige nude which is nice. This color was re-promoted. 

The lipstick in "Scarlet Ibis" is also a color that was re-promoted in this collection. This is a bright, orange red and is a matte shade. I like wearing matte lipsticks, especially when they are colors that are as bright as this.

    The lipstick in "Charmed I'm Sure" is one of my favorites and in my opinion, is the essence of Marilyn Monroe in a lipstick. This is a dark, true red and looks stunning on the lips! It also makes your teeth look whiter which is definitely a plus in my book. It is a matte, which I find makes it a stand out even more. This is one of my favorite lipsticks from the collection.

   One of the stand out lipsticks from this collection, even though in my opinion they were all stand outs, was the lipstick "Love Goddess" which is a satin. I love the shade of this lipstick. I would describe it as a mid-toned pick but it definitely has a hint of red to it.

   The last lipstick in this collection is "Deeply Adored" which is a matte shade. I would describe this lipstick as a deep scarlet red, perfect for the upcoming fall and winter time. Like I've said before, I love that this is a matte shade, since it makes it stand out even more. I think this is a gorgeous color for a night out!

     Overall, I am very pleased with this collection. I'm so happy that I was able to get my hands on a lot of the things that I had on my wishlist. I hope that you were able to pick up some things from this collection. If you haven't watched my haul/first impressions video featuring this collection, be sure to click it below!

" I am very definently a woman and I enjoy it." - Marilyn Monroe

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