Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beauty Box 5

 Today I have a review on a monthly subscription service that I was able to try out called Beauty Box 5. If you have been watching my videos for over a year, then you would know that awhile back, I was subscribed to a similar monthly subscription service called Birchbox. After a couple of months trying it out, I found that the money I was spending every month on the service didn't match up to the samples I was getting. When I was approached by Beauty Box 5 to try out a sample box, I went into it with an open mind. With that said, I am extremely pleased and excited to tell you why I love this monthly subscription service!
  The first thing to note is the packaging, which is the first thing I notice when trying out new products/services. I love the theme of blue, white. and brown as well as the font they used for their brand name (it's the little things!). It instantly grabs my attention and gets me excited to see what is inside.

   Each month, you receive 4-5 samples in your box, whether they are related to beauty, hair products, skincare, etc. If you decide to get a box monthly, it's $12 a month. If you decide you only want a box every 4 months, then that totals to $30. In my opinion, your best bet is to go with yearly rate of $100, which means you're getting 2 months free. Overall, I think it is a reasonably priced service if you have extra money financially. 

  The first product that I received in my beauty box was the pur~lisse cleanser (pictured above). I've gotten the chance to use this a couple times and I'm really enjoying it. I love that it is a cleanser and makeup remover all in one. As I noted in my video here, you can feel the creamy/milky consistency when applying it to your skin. It has a nice, almost calming, smell to it that doesn't linger. So far I'm very impressed. A full size of this would cost you $36 here.
 The next product I found in my beauty box was this bodyography Professional Cosmetics Foundation Primer in Clear. Again, if you watched my video, you saw me apply it to my hand to test it out. From my first impression, a little of this product goes a long way. I'm always in the market to try out new makeup primers and so far, so good with this one. I may just have to get the full size once I run out of this sample. A full size of this primer is between $15-$17 here
I was very pleased to see this Rosebud Salve in my beauty box as well. As far as I remember, this is a full size of this product. I have used Smith's Rosebud Salve before, except in squeezy-tube form. This is great at conditioning not only your lips, but any dry spot you may have on your skin, whether it be on your lips, face, arms, etc. It has a faint smell of roses, which is a hit or miss scent with some people. Personally, I don't mind the floral scent. I love using this at night time to moisturize my lips. This will come in handy with the cold weather that has been popping up. A full size of Smith's Rosebud Salve can be found here for $6. 
   The next product I got was another makeup product, woo hoo! The avid beauty lover that I am loved the site of another eye shadow to play with. This eye shadow is all natural and comes from the brand, "The All Natural Face. This is in the color "Peach Ice." As you can see from the swatch below, it is a shimmery, peachy-champagne toned eye shadow. I love wearing colors like these all over the lid, with a muted brown in the crease. This is great for those of you who are into all natural makeup. I'm looking forward to incorporating this eye shadow into some looks! This eye shadow can be found here ranging in price between $0.35-$6.50, depending on how many grams of eye shadow you want. To me, that sounds like an incredible deal! They also have their own monthly subscription service, starting at $15/month.

 The last product I received in my beauty box was "blum naturals oil absorbing facial tissues." These tissues are natural and contain no powder. They instantly soak up excess oil and removes shine from face without smudging your make up. These sheets come in a convenient packaging that you could easily throw into a purse for everyday use. This, like the Rosebud Salve, is also a full size product. You can find blum naturals facial tissues here for $2.99. 
 Overall, I am extremely pleased with the items I received in my beauty box five. All of the products are things that I normally wouldn't pick up and try myself, which is the fun in subscription services like these. If you were to add up everything at what they cost in full size, it totals to around $67 compared to the $12 you would pay for the samples in the box. Once I am more financially stable and have the extra money to spend, I would love to become a full time subscriber to beauty box five. If you're interested in learning more about beauty box five, visit their website at

 Don't forget to watch my video review on my YouTube Channel, xoxLadyJ

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