Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Favorites! - Beauty & Fashion

August went by super-duper fast, so here are my favorites..short & sweet!

My favorite make up purchase of this month was the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette! I have a full review of it that I did last month as well as a tutorial using some of my favorite colors on my Youtube page!

Another make up product I purchased this month was the Walking on Eggshells Trio by Wet n' Wild. Wet n' Wild has stepped up their game big time! You can't beat the price at around $3.99 & the pigmentation of the eye shadows is out of this world! Expect a full review/tutorial/giveaway later on this month! 
My NARS Orgasm/Laguna Blush & Bronzer duo will forever be a favorite of mine. If you noticed in my video, I hit pan on my Laguna Bronzer which started to scare me since I use this every day and don't know what I'd do without that lame? No! This is definetly a Beauty Guru favorite here on Youtube and anyone that has ever tried knows why!

Jewelmint is a bad, bad obsession of mine! Can I help it though? No! This is my third purchase from Jewelmint and I'm dieing to get something from there September collection! Like I stated in my video, this is one of my favorite purchases from Jewelmint because it is classic and elegant and everything I've ever wanted in a necklace!
If you have signed up for Jewelmint yet or you want to learn more, CLICK HERE!

Last but not least, my favorite shoe purchase of all time. If you remember awhile ago, I did a whole post on how shoes can give you confidence and how I was transitioning from flats to wedges. Well, I'm glad to say that I've gone now from wedges to heels, yay me! I'm not one to spend a lot on shoes and since this is my first pair of "big girl shoes", I thought I'd take baby steps by buying a pair at an affordable price. Originally $35, I got these babies for $25 with coupons from Payless Shoesource. The brand is called "Brash" which is a new brand available at Payless, with the spokesperson Sierra from VersaEmerge (one of my favorite bands!). What's not to love! I'm super excited to do an OOTN with these very soon! They are perfect for date night :)

xo Jackie

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