Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September Birchbox!

It's that time again! If any of my neighbors saw me skipping to the mailbox with the biggest smile on my face, they probably thought I was seriously a little too over-joyed to get the mail. If they were getting a pretty pink box in their mailbox, I'm sure they would do the same..maybe!

This month, Birchbox celebrated their 1 year anniversary, or as I referred to it in my video, their birthday!

Above is the list of products I recieved in my Birchbox! I loved them all but my favorite item is one we will get to in a second.

I absolutely love the way Birchbox packages everything. This by far is the best box that I have gotten since I subscribed earlier this summer, making this box #3.

One of my favorite items that I recieved in my Birchbox was the "Birchbox Friendship Bracelet."
Some may just look at it as a string tied to a box, but for those who are familiar with Birchbox, then you know it is the Birchbox logo. I think it is a super cute concept and a fun little accessory to layer other bracelets with.

My all time favorite item that I got in my box of suprises were these Incoco Nail Polish Strips. Watch out Sally Hansen, because these are the best nail polish strips I have ever seen. The video and picture don't do these justice. Except a NOTD with these babies coming up soon!

I was actually quite happy with getting this in box as well, the Colorscience pro Mineral Powder in medium. It was very strange that I got this, seeing as how this morning as I was getting ready, I noticed that I needed a new powder in the next week or two. I'm excited to try this out and see how it works.

Thumbs up for no wrinkles! Yes, i'm 21 and already starting to worry about wrinkles on my face...
I am all for making my skin smooth and tight and wrinkle free, so this product is definetly for me! (No intention of rhyming lol)

This little baby is a Jouer Lip Enhancer. With the cold seasons just around the corner, I really want products that are going to help keep my lips chapped-free. While I don't really see myself paying $14 for something a lip balm can do, I still am eager to try this out.

The last item I recieved was this Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo L'Eau Florale. In a nutshell, this is a perfume that I thought I liked at first but second time trying it out realized that I smelt like a grandmother and well, we don't want that!

At the bottom of the box was this cute little sparkly, pink glitter card that said thanks to you! I've decided that I will be keeping this just to use as a background for future product reviews, fun fun!

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xo Jackie

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