Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tea Time: Teavana

I have never been a coffee drinker. I've never liked the taste, smell,etc. Tea on the other hand, is another story. I am an avid tea drinker which is why this post may surprise you. I have been drinking tea everyday for at least 5 years now and I have never tried Teavana, let alone a loose leaf tea.
To me, the Teavana store in the mall always seemed like a mysterious, expensive world I didn't want to dwell in. That was when one day, I was shopping in the mall with my mom and she wanted to get an iced tea from there. After that, it was a whole new love. 
I decided to research more into Teavana, and decided to make a few...[maybe expensive] purchases on their website. 

 The first item I picked up was the Breville Glass Variable Temp Kettle. Basically, this kettle will boil your water to the correct temperature for whatever kind of tea your drinking...genius! Where has this been all my life?! That "Keep Warm" option comes in super handy in the mornings when I'm running around trying to get everyone out the door. 

I also picked up the Teavana Perfectea Maker which my kids think is the coolest thing ever. They love watching the tea steap [which I think is pretty cool to watch as well ]. This brews 16oz of tea which is what I usually drink in a day. 

It's nice because it has a filter and as you'll see in pictures below, is pretty cool when you're ready to transfer your tea into a cup.

And yes, I also get the Teavana Perfect Tea Spoon because why not! It's nice because it's exactly one teaspoon and makes scooping easier...yes, it was totally an impulse buy!

I was thrilled to see that when I placed my order online, my free sample was one of the teas I had sampled in-store. Blueberry Bliss/Pineapple Kona Pop = Delicious!

I loved this tea so much that I ended up going back in-store to pick up enough for 1 month. I had a little bit of sticker shock when I heard the price, but at the time it seemed totally worth it.
So hear we go, I measured about 3 teaspoons into the Perfectea Maker with my Perfectea Maker Spoon

Water's we go

Then I put a good amount of water into the Tea Maker and watch this tea steep beautifully. 
And then voila, you place your Perfectea Maker onto your mug and watch as your tea magically goes into your mug, with no loose tea leaves floating around in your tea. I've been loving clear mugs lately just to see the color of the tea's I make. 

Do you recommend any loose leaf teas? Let me know in the comments below!

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