Saturday, July 9, 2011


 This week, MAC launched their new collection for summer called the "Semi Precious Collection." The first time I heard about this collection was through Temptalia, and let me just say, it was love at first sight! Seeing as how I am sort of a newbie to MAC products, I had never purchased anything from a limited edition collection like Semi Precious before. I am extremely happy with my purchases and may or may not be addicted to MSF's now..

I left my MAC counter with 3 products from the collection, 2 of them being MSF's and 1 of them being a lipstick, which may or may not be my new holy grail lipstick (sorry Creme Cup!). The Mineralized Skin Finishes (MSF's) are very unique in that you are able to get three different colors out of them (outer, inner, mixed). This is the main item that I was excited about testing out and swatching at my MAC counter. My favorite part about these MSF's has got to be the inner, gemstone-like color in the middle!
Semi Precious Rose Quartz

The first MSF I picked up is in Rose Quartz. The outside ring offers a warm, girly girl pink while the inside gem offers a mix of gold and pearl. Absolutely stunning! This is my new favorite face product!

Rose Quartz Swatches (outer, inner, mixed)


Semi Precious Pearl

This is the second MSF I picked up and had on my wishlist beforehand. I love the outside pearl color as well as the bronzey center. I bought this mainly to use as a highlighter. I love how versatile this is, in my opinion you get the bost of both worlds between the swatches.

Pearl Swatches (outer, inner, mixed)


MAC Lipstick in Gem of Roses

Before I say anything, let me just say that this is my new favorite lipstick! I love it so much that I may or may not buy a backup..we'll see what my wallet thinks first!

Swatch of Gem of Roses Lipstick -Mac Semi Precious Collection

Being that this is a Lustre, this lipstick does not really come out true to color as you would see with an Amplified lipstick from MAC. With that said, a Lustre, in my opinion, gives off a more dewy, gloss finish which is exactly what I love in a lipstick. Lustre's are my favorite lipsticks that MAC offers! To see what this lipstick looks like in person, be sure to check out my video below!

Let me know if you picked up anything from this collection!

xo Jackie

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