Friday, May 20, 2011

NOTD: Sinful Colors Timbleberry

With Summer just around the corner, I was totally in the mood to wear a nice, bright coral color on my nails. This little baby was sitting in the back of my collection and I instantly knew it was the color I wanted to paint on my nails. For only $2, Sinful Color nail polishes are such a steal!

    With that said, they aren't 'the best' nail polishes I've tried but I do think they are worth the price. They also have cute names! The one I'm wearing is called "Timbleberry."
  After about three coats, I still did see some streakiness on my nails. After putting on a base coat, the streakiness wasn't as bad, but yet I knew it was still there. On the brightside, it did dry very fast.

  Overall, I love the color itself; it's not a red, yet it's not an orange, making it a true coral!



  1. wow this is a beautiful colour! love your blog and videos BTW (:


  2. Thank you so much Rachel! Congrats on being my first comment ever on my blog!

    - Jackie :)


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